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Jumat, 07 Agustus 2009

How to Optimize Your PPC Earnings

If you are new to PPC (pay per click) advertising/publishing, than you should definitely do some research before simply slapping the ads on your website. While in theory earning money through programs such as AdSense sounds easy, it is not. Some people with decent websites make $0 per day, others make $500+ per day.

The first thing you need to think about when considering adding PPC advertisements to your website or blog is how much traffic your website or blog receives daily. In general if you are not at the very least receiving several hundred page impressions per day, you will have a hard time earning even a single dollar. Traffic is definitely one of the most important aspects to earning through PPC ads. If you are not receiving enough traffic you need to consider several things. The first important part to getting traffic is having quality content. If people come to your website or blog and it has nothing that is useful to them, than don't expect them to spread the word or to ever return. If you offer useful,original, and overall quality content, than people do return and in some cases tell friends and family. So if you are lacking good content the first step to take is working on that.

After you have good quality content you should look into SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. SEO is basically putting your website in a better standing to be ranked up in the top results of key words and phrases relating to your website or blog on search engines. Forms of SEO are things such as back linking by submitting your website to social bookmarking sites and directories, and even doing something as simple as emailing everyone you know and asking them to help you spread the word about your site. A great and easy way to receive quality back links would be to write good articles related to your website or blogs niche, and submit them to Ezine Articles with the links to your website in the resource box. Anything that can contribute to your website being ranked higher in search engines and receiving more traffic can be considered SEO.

Once you are receiving a good amount of traffic you need to look at what might make a person click on the ads. So often we see blogs and websites that have crazy color schemes and ads thrown all over the place. One thing that can really increase the amount of clicks you receive is how you set up your ads and how much they blend into your site. In general I have found that it is best to keep your website looking clean and neat. Make the ads look like part of your site, and don't put too many just because you can have three per page. If you can't fit two ads on a page without it looking bad, only place one. Make sure you blend the colors of your ads to match your site. If you sites background color is black for instance. Making the ads background black and the wording white could really make the ads look natural, yet still pop out at the viewers.

Another important thing to consider is your niche or subject you write about. Certain niches pay better than others. For instance any website about games is going to earn less per click than a website about mesothelioma. While picking a well paying niche can earn you more per click, I personally suggest picking a subject that you can write good, useful articles about, and that you enjoy.

Just remember, the most important aspects to making money through PPC programs are traffic, and ad placement/looks. If you generate good, quality traffic through honest methods, and make your website look nice. You will be on track to receiving a nice pay check from whichever PPC program you decide to go with. Good luck.

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