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AdSense - The Changes it Brought to the Ads and Content of the Internet

Jumat, 22 Januari 2010

Even since the Google implemented its big idea called AdSense, the internet has evolved itself in such a big way that no one even imagined the change. These changes have their own pros and cons.

We shall take a glimpse into the change on, how a bright marketing idea that stormed the online world. The idea that became a part of our daily online life and, which brought a change to online advertisers and publishers with the involvement of daily web surfers.

People started to place ads with Google through their AdWords, which gave a lot of exposure on how your site will be shown at the beginning of the Google searches pages. It changes the view of SEO, and it eliminated the waiting period of your site to be on the top of the Google search page. Through AdWords the instant profitability was seen even with a just launched website without going into any long term strategy that did not give any instant returns.

From the AdSense use, the possibility of your ads appearing on any websites those are live on the internet and which are much related to your ads brought a new sense of advertising to the internet by AdSense. Earlier to PPC, the new and poorly optimized web pages had to bank on other methods of advertising to get the required initial publicity.

With the introduction of Google's advertising programs, companies started to cut their complicated advertising campaigns with costly professional. To run ads here the costs are very low, and this is A do it yourself kind.

It is very simple here to start with, you just have to create a couple of catchy 3 to 4 words sentences, which highlight your business, go to Google and sign up to their AdWords advertising program and Mr. Google will take care of the rest of the process. Most of the things are automated, which saves a lot of time for advertisers but with a little personal touch in management.

From publisher point of view the AdSense has brought a huge change to the internet. Earlier to this, they had to struggle for the up keeping of a website, but now they are making a fortune out of their websites, this is possible due to AdSense. This has given a big push for quality content and resources for the web users.

This means that the site owner has to focus more on the content of his website, and largely on the look of the web pages rather than the economics and profitability of the website maintenance. With AdSense, you invest on time and not on large capital.

AdSense started the happening of blogging that is expanding in a large way from the last couple of years. People stated to blog about their loved topic and were making some extra income through AdSense.

AdSense had an impact on casual internet users. The banner ads usually do not have any effect on the web surfers (this is an interesting psychologically think to notice) but the text ads from AdWords changed these things completely into an opposite way, people started to notice the ads from AdWords.

Sponsored ads are viewed by surfers because of the way the AdWords is set up, which created confidence about the advertisers. The text ads are not ignored the way it was ignored with graphical banner ads.

Like with everything else, even this has some cons, some websites are made for the sole purpose of running AdSense on them and with some people involving in the 'click fraud', where AdSense ads are clicked by artificial methods for their personal gain. These things were checked and are brought under control by Google, but it still happens in some case due to the individual's interest, which we have to blame. Overall Google AdSense has turned the functioning style of internet in a good way.

Those who have good quality content can setup website and can start earning revenue form the AdSense. Google AdSense has changed the utilization of consumers to support the profitability of a business.

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AdSense Optimization - Top Paying Ads Are Displayed First

If you are using AdSense then you are probably trying to optimize ads for maximum profit. There are many tricks to increase the click-through rate and consequently earnings. Most AdSense optimizations advices mention ad blending, no to use borders, placing ads above the fold and similar tricks. All those tips and tricks are useful and can contribute to more clicks. However, one of the most important aspects of the ad placement is usually neglected.

Google delivers high paying ads first. This means that the first ad that will appear on the page is worth more than others. The order of ads is the order from the HTML code. This does not necessarily mean the same order that is seen on the page. Some website layouts are using CSS styles to define element placement and such designs are not seen properly by the crawlers and spiders that examine our pages.

Therefore, to maximize AdSense profit you should first check which ad is present on the top of the page according to the HTML code. This can be easily achieved by displaying the page source code and checking for the first AdSense JavaScript code. Sometimes you will be surprised when you will find that the first ad in code is in fact a banner displayed at the right side below the top ads. Once you know the order in which the ads are positioned on the pages, you know which positions are the most important and deserve more attention. In general, there are two possibilities. If the first ads in the code are already on top positions above the fold then you have nothing to do. If this is not the case then you will have to determine if the top ad position in the code is displayed at some relevant and visible place. If not, you will have to modify the page layout.

Once you have first ad units on top positions you can proceed to the next step of optimization. Since you know that high paying ad units are actually displayed on the top and ads above the fold perform better, you have to decide whether it makes sense to use the maximum of allowed advertising--three ad units and three link units per page. Many times it is better to have less ads on right positions. Many webmasters think that more advertising means more chances for visitors to click. This is true but it means also more chances the users will click low paying ads. By displaying only one ad unit you prevent the possibility to click on "wrong" place.

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How a Newbie Can Make Money Online Without Investing Any Cash

For anyone seeking to start making money online the best place to start is by coming up with a blog. I say this because it is free and easy to design one. Long gone are the days when online business was termed as the domain for computer programmers. Today, you can design your own free Web page and begin making easy money.

You may then ask me, I have come up with a blog, what next? The next thing you are required to do is come up with content on any topic you think you are good at and post it on your blog. Once you have posted a few articles, visit the Google AdSense website and register for an account. Within two days your account will be approved, then activate the Google adverts to appear on your Web page. Every time you get a visitor and clicks on those advertisement links you will get paid by Google Inc.

From there you need to come up internet marketing strategies to generate traffic to your blog. There are several ways of driving traffic to your blog which include submitting your blog link to online business directories, classified advertisement site and other website promotion sites. You can visit my blog to learn on other proven internet marketing tips.

Another stream of income would be to register with affiliate programs like Clickbank or Amazon. All you need to do is download books from such affiliate marketing programs onto your Web page and once a customer follows your affiliate links and buy a product you will be paid a commission. All this online business ideas I have mentioned are free to enroll thus you can earn extra cash from home without investing a single penny.

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Website Monetization - Turn Web Traffic Into Money

Every website can be reached at least in two different ways. Either by some search engine or by direct access by entering the web address into address bar of the browser or by selecting a bookmark. But for the website owner this is not important. Traffic is the only thing that counts. The number of visits for any website is directly related to the content or service it provides. This simply means that interesting sites are visited more frequently. If the website is strictly non-commercial then the number of visitors is only a confirmation of the quality. But if there is even a small intent to make some money from web pages there are many ways how this can be done.

The basic principle of monetization is to publish some content that advertises products or services. You get paid for referring a visitor to the target product page, when visitors click ads on your site or by other means. The main prerequisite for successful website is traffic. If nobody visits your site then even the best ads have no effect. Even from few ten visitors per day you can make money. There are two main types of making money with website. Affiliate marketing and pay per click publishing.

Affiliate marketing means promoting products and services and getting commission for each sale. The easiest method for affiliate marketing is by writing product reviews and providing information which helps visitors to select the right product. Each time the visitor follows the link for the product and actually purchases it you are paid. For some products this is only few percent of the price and can be as high as 75 percent for some digital products. Almost all large online stores like Amazon or eBay have affiliate programs. This means that you can always find a service or product that is related to the content of the website. Amazon is very useful in this regard because in the worst case you will always find some book to promote.

The second popular option is to display general ads. You will be paid for each click on the ad. There are many pay per click (PPC) programs, but the most popular and widely used is AdSense. This is a PPC program for publishers provided by Google. It has many advantages. The displayed ads are always related to the page content. All you have to do is to add few lines of code and after a while the displayed ads will advertise services and products in connection with your website. The cost of click depends on many factors--you can get anything from one cent to few dollars. The main factor that defines prices is the market niche. Ads for some saturated markets can be pretty expensive and this is consequently reflected in the money you get from clicks.

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To Really Make Money From Home Try Building AdSense Blogs

Selasa, 19 Januari 2010
There is no simple answer to this but I do want to take a look at building AdSense blogs as one way you can make money from home fairly easily. If for no other reason, how can one make money from home is a big question on many peoples minds.

A popular pay per click affiliate program is Google AdSense. Earning just a few pennies by the click often makes people scoff. When they learn that there are people earning six and seven-figure incomes a year with Google AdSense.

There are a lot of people earning cash with it and it still continues to pay out hundreds of millions of dollars to people on an annual basis. Without actually doing the selling yourself It's a great way to make money selling advertising.

It is very easy to implement AdSense into the monetization of your Internet business by using the WordPress blogging platform. You are in control of the theme, the content, and the type and size of ads that Google places by hosting your own blog their thoughts usually change.

Google does a great job of matching advertisers with the content of a specific webpage. By targeting keyword phrases that will help Google know what type of advertisers to give, you can do your part in improving your chances for success.

Word press offers plug-ins to fit the ads in every page and Google makes it easy to place the ads on your site. You can even adjust the color schemes for the ads to blend in allowing you a greater opportunity for people to click on them.

Providing high quality content is the real key to Google rewarding you to a higher ranking standpoint. Because you have their ads on it, they really do want your blog to rank high.

The more useful your blog becomes the more likely Google is to rank it for the keywords you are targeting. Free traffic which ultimately leads to more income and people clicking on your ads can be found this way.

Promoting your blog all over the Internet through social networking, bookmarking your blog posts, and so on is one of the important things. Article marketing, discussion forums, and anywhere that allows you to place your blog URL is a good way to promote it.

When you ask how can I make money from home using your blog and AdSense that really is the key. It will ultimately come down to driving quality traffic to as many blogs as you want to create, of which a certain percentage will click on your Google ads.
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How to Optimize Your PPC Earnings

Jumat, 07 Agustus 2009

If you are new to PPC (pay per click) advertising/publishing, than you should definitely do some research before simply slapping the ads on your website. While in theory earning money through programs such as AdSense sounds easy, it is not. Some people with decent websites make $0 per day, others make $500+ per day.

The first thing you need to think about when considering adding PPC advertisements to your website or blog is how much traffic your website or blog receives daily. In general if you are not at the very least receiving several hundred page impressions per day, you will have a hard time earning even a single dollar. Traffic is definitely one of the most important aspects to earning through PPC ads. If you are not receiving enough traffic you need to consider several things. The first important part to getting traffic is having quality content. If people come to your website or blog and it has nothing that is useful to them, than don't expect them to spread the word or to ever return. If you offer useful,original, and overall quality content, than people do return and in some cases tell friends and family. So if you are lacking good content the first step to take is working on that.

After you have good quality content you should look into SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. SEO is basically putting your website in a better standing to be ranked up in the top results of key words and phrases relating to your website or blog on search engines. Forms of SEO are things such as back linking by submitting your website to social bookmarking sites and directories, and even doing something as simple as emailing everyone you know and asking them to help you spread the word about your site. A great and easy way to receive quality back links would be to write good articles related to your website or blogs niche, and submit them to Ezine Articles with the links to your website in the resource box. Anything that can contribute to your website being ranked higher in search engines and receiving more traffic can be considered SEO.

Once you are receiving a good amount of traffic you need to look at what might make a person click on the ads. So often we see blogs and websites that have crazy color schemes and ads thrown all over the place. One thing that can really increase the amount of clicks you receive is how you set up your ads and how much they blend into your site. In general I have found that it is best to keep your website looking clean and neat. Make the ads look like part of your site, and don't put too many just because you can have three per page. If you can't fit two ads on a page without it looking bad, only place one. Make sure you blend the colors of your ads to match your site. If you sites background color is black for instance. Making the ads background black and the wording white could really make the ads look natural, yet still pop out at the viewers.

Another important thing to consider is your niche or subject you write about. Certain niches pay better than others. For instance any website about games is going to earn less per click than a website about mesothelioma. While picking a well paying niche can earn you more per click, I personally suggest picking a subject that you can write good, useful articles about, and that you enjoy.

Just remember, the most important aspects to making money through PPC programs are traffic, and ad placement/looks. If you generate good, quality traffic through honest methods, and make your website look nice. You will be on track to receiving a nice pay check from whichever PPC program you decide to go with. Good luck.

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