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Jumat, 22 Januari 2010

Website Monetization - Turn Web Traffic Into Money

Every website can be reached at least in two different ways. Either by some search engine or by direct access by entering the web address into address bar of the browser or by selecting a bookmark. But for the website owner this is not important. Traffic is the only thing that counts. The number of visits for any website is directly related to the content or service it provides. This simply means that interesting sites are visited more frequently. If the website is strictly non-commercial then the number of visitors is only a confirmation of the quality. But if there is even a small intent to make some money from web pages there are many ways how this can be done.

The basic principle of monetization is to publish some content that advertises products or services. You get paid for referring a visitor to the target product page, when visitors click ads on your site or by other means. The main prerequisite for successful website is traffic. If nobody visits your site then even the best ads have no effect. Even from few ten visitors per day you can make money. There are two main types of making money with website. Affiliate marketing and pay per click publishing.

Affiliate marketing means promoting products and services and getting commission for each sale. The easiest method for affiliate marketing is by writing product reviews and providing information which helps visitors to select the right product. Each time the visitor follows the link for the product and actually purchases it you are paid. For some products this is only few percent of the price and can be as high as 75 percent for some digital products. Almost all large online stores like Amazon or eBay have affiliate programs. This means that you can always find a service or product that is related to the content of the website. Amazon is very useful in this regard because in the worst case you will always find some book to promote.

The second popular option is to display general ads. You will be paid for each click on the ad. There are many pay per click (PPC) programs, but the most popular and widely used is AdSense. This is a PPC program for publishers provided by Google. It has many advantages. The displayed ads are always related to the page content. All you have to do is to add few lines of code and after a while the displayed ads will advertise services and products in connection with your website. The cost of click depends on many factors--you can get anything from one cent to few dollars. The main factor that defines prices is the market niche. Ads for some saturated markets can be pretty expensive and this is consequently reflected in the money you get from clicks.

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