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Jumat, 22 Januari 2010

AdSense - The Changes it Brought to the Ads and Content of the Internet

Even since the Google implemented its big idea called AdSense, the internet has evolved itself in such a big way that no one even imagined the change. These changes have their own pros and cons.

We shall take a glimpse into the change on, how a bright marketing idea that stormed the online world. The idea that became a part of our daily online life and, which brought a change to online advertisers and publishers with the involvement of daily web surfers.

People started to place ads with Google through their AdWords, which gave a lot of exposure on how your site will be shown at the beginning of the Google searches pages. It changes the view of SEO, and it eliminated the waiting period of your site to be on the top of the Google search page. Through AdWords the instant profitability was seen even with a just launched website without going into any long term strategy that did not give any instant returns.

From the AdSense use, the possibility of your ads appearing on any websites those are live on the internet and which are much related to your ads brought a new sense of advertising to the internet by AdSense. Earlier to PPC, the new and poorly optimized web pages had to bank on other methods of advertising to get the required initial publicity.

With the introduction of Google's advertising programs, companies started to cut their complicated advertising campaigns with costly professional. To run ads here the costs are very low, and this is A do it yourself kind.

It is very simple here to start with, you just have to create a couple of catchy 3 to 4 words sentences, which highlight your business, go to Google and sign up to their AdWords advertising program and Mr. Google will take care of the rest of the process. Most of the things are automated, which saves a lot of time for advertisers but with a little personal touch in management.

From publisher point of view the AdSense has brought a huge change to the internet. Earlier to this, they had to struggle for the up keeping of a website, but now they are making a fortune out of their websites, this is possible due to AdSense. This has given a big push for quality content and resources for the web users.

This means that the site owner has to focus more on the content of his website, and largely on the look of the web pages rather than the economics and profitability of the website maintenance. With AdSense, you invest on time and not on large capital.

AdSense started the happening of blogging that is expanding in a large way from the last couple of years. People stated to blog about their loved topic and were making some extra income through AdSense.

AdSense had an impact on casual internet users. The banner ads usually do not have any effect on the web surfers (this is an interesting psychologically think to notice) but the text ads from AdWords changed these things completely into an opposite way, people started to notice the ads from AdWords.

Sponsored ads are viewed by surfers because of the way the AdWords is set up, which created confidence about the advertisers. The text ads are not ignored the way it was ignored with graphical banner ads.

Like with everything else, even this has some cons, some websites are made for the sole purpose of running AdSense on them and with some people involving in the 'click fraud', where AdSense ads are clicked by artificial methods for their personal gain. These things were checked and are brought under control by Google, but it still happens in some case due to the individual's interest, which we have to blame. Overall Google AdSense has turned the functioning style of internet in a good way.

Those who have good quality content can setup website and can start earning revenue form the AdSense. Google AdSense has changed the utilization of consumers to support the profitability of a business.

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